The ball-game now called harpastum was formerly called phaininda, which is the kind I like best of all. Great are the extortion and fatigue attendet upon contest of ball-playing, and violent twisting and turning of the neck. Hence Antiphanes: "Damn me, what a pain I've got in my neck!" He describes the game of phaininda thus: "He seized the ball and passed it with a laugh to one, while the other player he dodged; from one he pushed it out of the way, while he raised another player to his feet amid resounding shouts of ‚out of bounds,' ‚too far,' ‚right beside him,' ‚over his head,' ‚on the ground,' ‚up in the air,' ‚too short,' ‚pass it back in the scrimmage.'" The game was called phaininda either from the players shooting the ball or because, according to Juba the Mauretanian, its inventor was the trainer Phainestus.